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Welocom to NeoMatrix Technologies

Ultimate cyber resilience across the entire workforce is just within reach

Cyber resilience is everyone’s business. So how do you build resilience across every business function – and how do you prove it? learn the Steps to Ultimate Cyber Resilience today to find out, reach to us…

Our Company

NeoMatrix – AlHeloul AlKamilah Company provides Cybersecurity products and services specialized in the local Saudi Market with international standards.

Company Specialization

Cyber criminals are smart. They’re creative. And they’re relentless in their search for the next tool, technique, or vulnerability that will help them achieve their aims.

Contrast that to the solutions most companies have in place to counter them. Stacks upon stacks of expensive technology and processes whirr away while the people behind the screens are left with ineffective, once-a-year training.

It’s time we focused on our people, and built truly cyber resilient workforces with a solution that can meet the cyberattacks of today.


NeoMatrix Principles

Providing A Competitive Value Proposition For

Compliance with growing regulatory .legislations (Governmental/Industrial: CBE regulations, FATCA, GDRP,…)

Business-sense of accountability & shareholders legal liability

On-Demand competitive FTE
consumption-based InfoSec
services (MSP)

GRC Class-A talents

Credible Regional Consultancy Partners (RGPs)

Intrusion of Cloud

Why NeoMatrix



Large Network of trigger-contract

peer professionals

Solid base of partners

Professional Connections


One-step ahead market needs &

foreseen regulations

Hands-on Training

Diversified Portfolio

Presales & Project MGMT


Project Management

Three interconnected reviews:

Project Performance

Quality Assurance

Team Performance

Knowledge Transfer

One-Team Approach

Professional advisory &

transparent reporting

Para-project services


Contractual Commitment

Clear SOW Staging

Flexible FTE-Based options

Deliverables Management


SLA Management

ITIL compliant MSP

PMP-based project approach

Multiple escalation points & levels


NDA Agreements

Standard & According to

 customer needs

Per Project & Talent

Previous work record


Infrastructure Services

Application Services

Para-Info Services

Global Business Administration



Saudi Arabia

Email:  Business Development  

Phone:  +966509633000

Office:  +966112611474