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Data Loss Prevention

Digital Guardian offers a full suite of enterprise security products including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) modules which are designed to safeguard critical data assets and protect company endpoints from every possible avenue of attack.

Digital Guardian DLP provides content inspection works by registering sensitive data that you want to secure. This data can be in almost any form, including a file share full of PDF and Microsoft Word documents, a database with millions of customer records, or intellectual property such as source code, CAD designs, or business plans. As it is registered, the data is either represented by a “fingerprint,” or is recorded whole (if it is short and discrete).Registered data is then incorporated into a policy. The policy can be associated with one or more inspection services (Data in Motion, Data at Rest), and further focused to target selected users, groups, locations, etc. In the case of Data at Rest, when the inspection service is run, it will discover every eligible file and look for sensitive data within on-premises and cloud-hosted applications. It can scan data on file servers, email servers, databases, and content collaboration applications such as Microsoft SharePoint. Also, it can discover and remediate sensitive data stored on laptop and desktop systems. For Data in Motion, it will scan the network traffic as it is transferred from one location to another through email and over web channels such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.



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