VigiOne Allows you to:

Map Policies & Procedures and Controls to Regulations and Standards

Store information and evidence in a single repository

Generate up-to-date, customizable, automated Reporting & Analysis

Demonstrably maintain security & compliance levels

Implement security and adapt to the evolving regulatory environment

Upscale and adapt to your organization’s needs

Integrate assessors and implementors, internal and external

VigiOne Features

Integration with 3rd party tools e.g. ASV, Terminal.

Task assignment and management tool with calendaring.

Full reporting, configured by user type and with dynamic features.

Role-driven platform based on the “need-to-know” principle.

Multi-level organizational and user management.

Integrated Security Awareness education and eLearning

Straightforward official &customized self-assessment

Policy and procedure management & dissemination tool

E-Commerce functionality to upgrade as and when needed

Integrated Secure Evidence Repository.



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